Julie A. Cockburn with Steeped and Brewed

Hello there, fellow tea enthusiasts! I’m thrilled you’ve stumbled upon my cozy little corner of the internet. My name is Julie, and for most of my life, tea has been my faithful companion. Whether it’s kick-starting my morning or slowing down in the afternoon, black tea has been my go-to. But, just between us tea friends, I haven’t ventured far beyond the world of black tea. But there is so much more to discover!

So, I’ve decided to embark on a tasty adventure to explore the vast, vibrant world of tea, and guess what? You’re invited to join me! This website is more than just a collection of tea descriptions and rambling tea thoughts; it’s an ongoing story of discovery and appreciation for the leafy elixir that has captured hearts for centuries. And who knows, maybe we’ll find our new favorite cup along the way – I for one have been delightfully surprised by the tasty discoveries I’ve made.

On this site, we won’t just be sipping English Breakfast and Earl Grey – although we will likely be doing a bit of that, too! No, we’re going to dive deep into oolongs, explore the world of greens, brave the inky depths of pu-erh, and so much more. It’s time to broaden our tea horizons together. So boil some water, grab your favorite tea cup, and let’s steep ourselves in the world’s most beloved beverage. Cheers to the first of many cups we’ll share on this journey! 🍵